Dental costs – why so low in Hungary?

Dental prices abroad - Hungary is a good choiceThe low costs of dental treatments in Hungary determine westerners to make a quick calculation of whether it’s worth flying to Hungary for a dental treatment instead of going to a dental office in their home country. Putting in balance the pros and cons of dental tourism, a great number of western patients do decide to travel to Hungary and experience first-class dental treatment at one of Hungary’s many reputable private dental clinics.

Why are dental costs so low in Hungary? And how come the services are irreproachable? We’ll shed some light on the reasons behind the low prices at Hungary’s finest dental clinics.

Western salaries vs Hungarian salaries

Dentists in Hungary earn much less than dentists in the United Kingdom or France for example. While a dentist in Paris, France, can earn anywhere between 6,000-10,000+ euros per month, a dentist in Budapest, Hungary, earns between 1,000-3,000+ Euros per month depending on specialisation and experience. This discrepancy between salaries is one of the reasons why dental costs are lower in Hungary. Mind you, the salary of a dentist in Hungary is, however, generally above the average salary that other healthcare employees receive. Dentists are one of the highest paid healthcare professionals in Hungary.

Smaller overhead costs

Given that salaries are lower, the cost of rent and the cost of living in Hungary are lower as well. This too, explains the low dental costs practiced by Hungarian dental clinics.

High competition

The competition between dental clinics is high and not only within Hungary, but between other dental tourism destinations like Poland and Turkey as well. Polish and Turkish dental clinics are also known to offer low-cost dental treatments. Price is one method to attract patients, and lower prices combined with outstanding services is Hungary’s forte in attracting dental patients from all over Europe.

Value for money

Although dental treatment costs less in Hungary than in most parts of Europe, patients get true value for their money. Patients have access to better treatment and more attention in Hungarian clinics. Excellent patient support is a value enshrined in the way dental clinics in Hungary treat their patients. Lower costs make it possible for foreign patients to have access to modern clinics and treatment that they otherwise couldn’t afford in their home countries.

Dental treatment holiday

Some clinics also have competitive dental packages, which include airport transfer, treatment plan, dental treatment, flight, and accommodation in 4* hotels as if patients were going on a holiday. Indeed, the whole idea behind dental tourism is to make it seem like a holiday trip and combine dental treatment with an unforgettable holiday-like experience. Budapest is a wonderful holiday destination, especially if patients need relaxation and unwinding – Budapest’s wellnesses with thermal water are oases of relaxation, but the city is also abundant in breath-taking historical sites and cultural gems.

If you want to experience world-class dentistry at affordable prices in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, you can do so in Budapest’s many dental clinics that welcome patients from all over Europe.